Collet-Lok® Workholding

Collet-Lok® is a family of hydraulic workholding products that utilize Depressurized Holding Technology™. The Collet-Lok® family includes swing clamps, push cylinders, and work supports in multiple configurations.

Collet-Lok® protects fixtures from loss of clamping force due to unintentional loss of hydraulics. Hydraulics are required to initiate the clamping and to un-clamp, but hydraulics are not used in maintaining the clamp force.  Once initially clamped, an internal mechanical locking mechanism is actuated, which holds the clamp at full force.  Once mechanically clamped, absolutely no hydraulics are used to maintain the clamp force! The clamp will hold full force even if the hydraulic lines were accidently severed!


Collet-Lok® Product Information