IP-Series, Custom Built Shop Presses

If the shop press that would best fit your application cannot be found in the charts, you can easily build your custom press here. All presses must be ordered with cylinders. The pump is ordered separately.

Ordering Example
Model number: IPH-050S06-2

IPH-050S06-2 is a 50-ton H-Frame press with a single-acting, 6 inch 行程 cylinder (RC-506). It has a pump mounting kit (for an electric Pump or a Modular Air Pump).

1) Roll Frame Press: 50-, 100- and 200-ton press capacity only. (Assembly required)
2) Bench Press: 10 ton press capacity S/A only. Convert A258 bench press to D/A using AD175 and RD910
3) Includes hoses for press, except for option 0