Equipment for Railway Maintenance and Repair 
We offer highly specialized tools and equipment to enhance operator safety during vehicle and infrastructure maintenance and repair (MRO). Enerpac rail tools deliver solutions for reducing transportation equipment downtime and improving overall productivity for the railway industry.


Solutions for Rail Tasks to Improve Safety and Productivity

  Applications Products Used
Rail Structure
Aligning and clamping during welding RC Hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic hand pump
Aligning frames RC Hydraulic cylinder, Arbor Press, Hydraulic hand pump
Bending steel plates RR Hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic electric pump
Straightening bumpers WR Wedgie, Hydraulic hand pump
Drive Systems
Train Drive Systems
Pressing transformer parts Hydraulic press
Engine Lifting RR Hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic electric pump
Wheel Axles / Bogie
Train Wheel Axles and Bogie
Pulling large wheels EPH PosiLock hydraulic pullers
Bearing pushing & pulling BRC, BRP, RC, Hydraulic cylinders, PAT Turbo hydraulic air pump
Train lifting EVO Synchronous lifting system, RC Hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic electric pump
Subway lifting CLL Hydraulic cylinder, PAT Turbo hydraulic air pump
Axle extraction TGV RC Hydraulic cylinder, PA Hydraulic air pump
Bushing replacement RC Hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic hand pump
Wheelseat fit testing Hydraulic press, PC and PLC Control
Maintenance lifting system Hydraulic cylinder, Splitflow pump
Tightening nuts SQD, HXD Hydraulic torque wrench, Torque wrench pump
  Applications Products Used
Rail Tracks
Rail Tracks
Rail track pulling & positioning RCH Hydraulic cylinder, PUJ Hydraulic pump, RP Hydraulic rail puller/stresser
Rail track replacement NC Hydraulic nut cutters, Hydraulic electric pump
Stressing rail RP Hydraulic rail puller/stressor
Lifting rail Hydraulic track jack, Mechanical track jack
Rail Bridges
Lifting bridge rail TJ109B Hydraulic track jack
Prestressing cable RCH Hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulic pump